Kosyrev, Dmitry

Dmitry Kosyrev is the first Russian writer to adopt a Chinese pen-name. The pseudonym Master Chen was first used in the Hong Kong media in the 90s.

Born in 1955, Dmitry Kosyrev studied Chinese history at Moscow State University and the Nanyang University of Singapore. Since late 1970s Dmitry Kosyrev has been actively involved in the International Politics section of the national media, writing for the leading newspapers (Pravda, Rossiiskaia Gazeta, Nezavisimaia Gazeta) and news agencies. He is a Member of the Board of the Foreign Policy Association. With his features and columns on wine, food, cigars and travel, Dmitry is a regular contributor to special editions. An expert on China, he has lived in various parts of Asia, including the places described in the novel. He is happily married with two daughters and lives in Moscow.

Master Chen is currently writing a new thriller set in the medieval Orient.