Baryakina, Elvira

Elvira Baryakina was born in Russia and moved to Los Angeles in 2002. She graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University in 1998 with a JD degree in civil law and process. She spent four years following her graduation working for law firms and freelancing for various newspapers and magazines. In 2001 she quit her law practice and became a full-time writer. In that same year she published her first novel, and since then has had an extensive and productive career, with eleven books to her name.

Praise for the author:

«[Baryakina’s writing] makes you laugh out loud, sob violently, and, on turning the last page, ponder over it for hours».
Marianna Budtsina, Seti-NN TV company

«Baryakina is almost unbeatable at writing with humour about serious matters. The plot twists of her narrative sweep you away—you sit on the couch sipping tea and feel like you’re taking a ride on a roller-coaster. You can listen to Baryakina only with your mouth wide open, read her—only in one gulp. In a word, all readers of her novels will experience a Big Adventure».
Natalia Radulova, Ogonyok magazine

«Light, ironic manner, smart sense of humour, and TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, subtly captured and intertwined into a big world!»
Natalia Gasten, Moscow

«I’m hooked on Baryakina’s writing. This melding of richly historical, heart-felt relationships, adventures, and an already quite characteristic, original sense of humour (that sometimes makes me laugh till I cry), along with her multi-layered, skillful writing, makes for an ideal book».
Gusel Bayazitova, Memphis, USA

«The talented author [Elvira Baryakina] brings us back to the boundary behind which a different country lies—the one that has gone, and will never be again. It is a bit sad, yet you have to keep on living. Such books help you to understand yourself better. Brilliant prose. Grips you from the first chapter and carries you along. The ending defies all your expectations».
Larisa Tepliakova, Moscow